Duke Talent Search for 5th Grade Students

Congratulations to the following 5th grade students recognized by Duke Talent Search:

Brooke Blanchard, Alexander Bradford, Parris Chartian, Adam Chu, Zakariyya Ganier, William Gossett, Matyas Karas, Kaydence Le, Ava Nguyen, Jessica Nguyen, Katie Nguyen, Natalie Nguyen, Phillip Nguyen, Tina Nguyen, Brooke Tran, Chloe Tran, Paul Tran, Azalea Ward, Jaye Washington

Requirements for the Duke Talent Search are scoring in the 95th percentile (or higher) on any one accepted subtest or total battery/composite on the Stanford Achievement Test; or scoring 125 or higher on the OLSAT (IQ test.)