8th Grade Science Fair

Congratulations to the following 8th graders on their impressive projects at the Annual Science Fair on Friday, January 20, 2017:

Science Fair 2016

1st place
Jennifer Vu – Magnetism and fluids
2nd place
Michael McGovern – Using a vortex to produce smoke
Justin Tran – Wind energy
Annie Zhao – Iodine clock reaction
3rd place
Marissa Catalanotto – Soil vs. Hydroponics
Annie Dang – Change bismuth into crystals
Tyler Tran – Amount of iron in foods
Christina Vu – Confounding colors
1st place
Joshlin Huynh – Remote controlled car
Neel Patel – Tesla coil
2nd place
Emily Nguyen – Disappearing index of refraction
Kayla Vo – Penny battery
3rd place
Shannon Lockhart – Base pH of bottled water