1st Place at Brother Martin Mu Alpha Theta Math Tournament 2018

On Saturday, February 3, Lake Castle’s math team headed to Brother Martin High School to compete in the 2018 Brother Martin Mu Alpha Theta Math Tournament. The boys and girls had a great time and ended up with much success!

Jessica Nguyen (6A) won first place in the individual sixth-grade competition, and the sixth-grade team won first place.

In seventh-grade math, Jennifer Huynh (7A) received an honorable mention; Amy T. Nguyen (7A) came in fourth place; and Dayja Armant (7A) placed second in the individual competition. The seventh-grade general math team finished in second place.

In pre-algebra, Austin Ogbuefi (7A) received an honorable mention; Amy Le Nguyen (7A) finished in third place; Dhruv Patel (7A) finished in second place; and Kevin Nguyen (7A) won first place. The seventh-grade pre-algebra team won first place.

On a very impressive note, Jennifer Tran (8A) won first-place individual in the high school Algebra I Division II!

On the interschool test, in which the entire team competes against the other schools’ entire teams, Lake Castle won first place.

We are also proud to report that over ten members of the Benjamin Franklin High School team competing at the tournament are Lake Castle graduates. In addition, two members of the Jesuit High School team are Lake Castle graduates. Michael McGovern (Lake Castle Class of 2017) won first place for Jesuit in geometry.

Congratulations to all the current and former Lake Castle math team members, and thank you to coaches Mr. Danny McGovern and Mrs. Despina Fyssas, as well as all the students’ previous math teachers who contributed to their tremendous success!