Primary emphasis on application of theory

Use of hypothetical or antithetical means to develop logical creativity

Minimal dependence on memorization

Academics at Lake Castle Private School focus on a mastery of fundamentals in the core areas of phonics, reading, math, grammar, science, social studies, and vocabulary. As in most pursuits, students who develop the most solid fundamental academic skills will continue to excel well past elementary school in further scholastic challenges.

Even in our pre-kindergarten classes, children go beyond phonics into a comprehensive reading program that develops not only fluency in word decoding but also the beginning of inferential strategies and critical thinking. Pre-kindergarten at Lake Castle is an exceptional step in putting students on the road to success.

Lower elementary classes continue to stress math skills in all basic operations, reading vocabulary and comprehension, spelling, phonics, handwriting, English, science, and social studies. Daily homework reinforces these skills and prepares students for the rigor of upper elementary at Lake Castle.

Beginning in fourth grade, students meet with teachers who specialize in the various subject areas in a departmentalized schedule. Each teacher guides his or her students in the best methods for mastering the material in each field of study. Students learn study techniques, note taking, outlining, and other vital academic skills that will benefit them throughout their scholastic years.

By the time they graduate from Lake Castle, our students are ready to succeed at the most prestigious high schools in the metro New Orleans area. That preparation begins long before eighth grade, and every year, from pre-kindergarten on, plays an integral part in that success.