School life at Lake Castle Private School allows students to gain an exceptional elementary education, get involved in extracurricular activities, and develop lifelong friendships while being mentored by nurturing teachers who are passionate about education.

Most of our day is, of course, in the classroom and focused on academics; however, we offer numerous opportunities for students to engage in fun-filled activities that enrich their education. Clubs such as Art Club, Chess, Drama, Mathcounts, Holiday Art, numerous other clubs, academic teams, and athletic teams provide students with new skills and camaraderie that make school life enjoyable and memorable.

When students become seventh and eighth graders, they can earn leadership positions on campus. These include jobs in lower elementary classrooms, tutoring positions as members of the National Junior Beta Honor Society, or spots on the arrival and dismissal teams. These sought-after roles provide invaluable opportunities for our senior students to embrace leadership and realize their value as role models to younger students who look up to them.

By the time graduation approaches, students find it bittersweet to move on, but know they are ready to flourish academically and socially in high school.