Mathcounts Results

Congratulations to Jennifer Huynh, Amy Le Nguyen, Kevin Nguyen, Amy T. Nguyen, and Jessica Nguyen for finishing in the top twenty of all students competing from Orleans Parish, Jefferson Parish, and St. Tammany Parish! That is an amazing accomplishment!

Our four-person Lake Castle Mathcounts team won third place and qualified for state at the chapter competition on Saturday, February 2, 2019, at the University of New Orleans College of Engineering!

ACT Scores for Duke TIP Participants

Students in 7th grade who qualify for the Duke Talent Identification Program are invited to take the ACT or SAT.  This is the actual ACT or SAT that high school juniors or seniors take for college entrance. In 2018 scores, the Louisiana average for high school seniors was 19.5, and the national average for high school seniors was 21.0.  Of the 17 Lake Castle 7th graders who took the ACT, 14 of them scored an 18 or higher. 5 students scored 18; 3 scored 19; 1 scored 20; 1 scored 22; 2 scored 23; 1 scored 25; and 1 scored a 27. That is an amazing accomplishment for these students. They are well on their way to huge scholarships for college! Congratulations to the following students for garnering state recognition for their scores: Alexis Le, Amy L. Nguyen, Amy T. Nguyen, Kevin Nguyen, Austin Ogbuefi, Dhruv Patel, Austin Pham, Suong Tran, and Hailey Truong.  Jennifer Huynh garnered grand recognition for her outstanding ACT score.