2018 De La Salle Math Tournament Results

Congratulations the math competition team members on their impressive wins at the Math Tournament held Saturday, December 8!


  • 4th Grade (Team A) – 1st Place
  • 4th Grade (Team B) – 4th Place
  • 5th Grade (Team A) – 1st Place
  • 5th Grade (Team B) – 2nd Place
  • 6th Grade (Team A) – 1st Place
  • 6th Grade (Team B) – 2nd Place
  • 7th Grade (Team A) – 2nd Place


  • Joshua Ngo (4th) – 1st Place
  • Tom Nguyen (5th) – 2nd Place
  • Audrey Ngo (5th) – 3rd Place
  • Nathan Ward (4th) – 3rd Place
  • Janith Robertson (4th) – 4th Place

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Daily Announcements

September 24, 2021

  • Pledge – Mason White, KAJ
  • Make sure lunch orders are turned in by the due date.
  • Progress reports go home September 29.
  • Individual school pictures have been rescheduled to
    • September 29 for pre-kindergarten – 3rd grade students
    • September 30 for 4th – 8th grade students 
  • Please remember these helpful tips to expedite arrivals and dismissals.
    • All students in pre-kindergarten – 3rd grade must wear a name tag daily until September 30.
    • Students are required to wear face masks daily in kindergarten – 8th grade.
    • Have masks on and backpacks and lunches ready to go when entering the arrival area.
    • Placard must be placed in front window of vehicle with names in BOLD (preferably use a thick sharpie) and adhere to dismissal times/areas.
  • Students need to bring lunches from home or have pre-ordered lunches from kitchen. Students are not allowed to order daily.
  • All books must be covered by the end of this week.