Before/After School Care Procedures

Registration Form


Anyone requiring before or after-care services for their child is required to pre-register.  Please register for these services as soon as possible. 

All parents should report to the concrete block building when dropping off or picking up students. Upon arrival, please walk your student into the classroom for before care and to the classroom for aftercare pick-up.

Please remember to record our aftercare phone number, (318) 661-0508, to contact one of our moderators after school office hours. Our gate system will be active from 3:30 PM — 6:00 PM.  To gain entry, press “A” then “call”.

6th Grade Resources


6A Math – Solving Equalities & Inequalities
6A Math – Homework Correction Video
6A Math – Ratios and Proportions
6A Math – Ratios and Proportions, The Sequel
6A Math – How to Solve % Word Problems
6A Math – Fractions to Decimals to Percents and Back Again!
6B Math – Adding Integers
6B Math – Subtracting Integers
6B Math – Mean, Median, Mode Video
6B Math – Independent and Dependent Probability Video
6B Math – Pictograph and Bar Graph Video

6A English – End Note Lecture
6A English – Works Cited Lecture
6A English – Guided lecture to review all aspects of research paper
6A English – Adjective Lecture
6A English – Prepositions, Conjunctions, and Interjections
6A English – Adverb Lecture

Science – Respiratory System
Science – Lecture on Excretion
Science – Your Immune System
Science – The Nervous System

Daily Announcements

October 3, 2023

Pledge – Jay Tran, PKJM

  • Drama today from 3:00 – 4:00
  • Volleyball today from 3:00 – 4:30
  • Dance class tomorrow from 3:00 – 4:30
  • Flag football tomorrow from 3:00 – 4:30
  • Exams for 7th & 8th-grade students only are this Wednesday – Friday.
  • As many extracurriculars are beginning this year, we want to remind everyone to park (do not in the driveway) and await your child’s dismissal. 
  • A few reminders that will help the arrival/dismissal routine move smoothly are listed below.
    • Please do not make a U-turn into the upper/horseshoe area from Crowder as this causes very unsafe conditions for all!
    • Placards must be HANGING on every car’s rearview mirror when picking students up from the dismissal areas. It is also extremely helpful to have students’ names in BIG, BOLD LETTERS so it is visible from a distance to have students ready to go.
  • Bi-weekly lunch orders should be filled out and returned on Thursdays.
  • Homework is assigned daily and must be completed for the following school day.